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    2 Testing Questions

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie

      I've done quite a bit of testing before, and using mostly JMockit but adding a few of the seam tests to get the integration tests working.

      I really have two questions.

      1. In one of the classes we are injecting strings.

      String name;

      ... for example.

      OBviously setValue doesn't work because its not a component.

      However setField doesn't seem to work either. The bean itself is a SLSB. Course i could fix this by making them all Seam components.

      2. Testing JBPM.

      I am assuming with the SeamTest ... all i have to do is lookup the components, set it, and launch?? I do not need to do this in terms of a Faces REquest?

      Have any of you discovered any other better ways to test Seam annotated jBPM components?