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    Nested Natural Conversation End by bean

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      I have a nested natural conversation and I am in nested one. I want to kill the nested one and return back to the parent.

      I do not have a problem to do this from JSF, but it seems complicated from a bean.

      I guess I need to end the current conversation 


      Then I would love to redirect to my parent conversation:


      Well it throws this Manager.class:

      public void updateCurrentConversationId(String id)
            if ( ConversationEntries.instance().getConversationIds().contains(id) )
               throw new IllegalStateException("Conversation id is already in use: " + id);

      Called from FacesManager.class:

      public void beforeRedirect(String viewId)

      Called by

      public void redirect(String viewId, Map<String, Object> parameters, 
                  boolean includeConversationId)


      called by Conversation.class::redirectToParent()

      So why this not redirect to the conversation that is already there?

      I remember reading somewhere that Seam does not fully support natural conversations?

      Am I right? Is there a solution that I do not see?

      So I can do something similar


      But for some reason my

      Converation History

      Does not show my conversation any more. This information is available in debug.seam page so why it does not show up in Conversation History?