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    Converting to Seam (page layouts)

    John Crothers Newbie

      Given the html page design from graphics designers, what is the best approach to begin converting this to a seam application?

      Is it a simple matter of converting all the html pages to xhtml and adding the doctype at the top, to get started? Do I need to be concerned about page layouts if that is already provided in the html design?

      What else should I do when converting this to seam app (in terms of page layout)?


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          Daniel Hinojosa Master

          All I got to say is:

          WELCOME TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I did the same thing, and graphics designers are not nice people when it comes to structured xhtml.  But that's not their fault, they care about design and you don't.  If they happened to put the setting on their dreamweaver to strict XHTML then good for you, just put in what you need.  If not the lessons I learned are:

          • Use transition and not strict in XHTML header. Transition is much lenient on the rules.

          • Learn regex if you haven't already, because you can pretty much find patterns in dreamweaver messups and such.

          • Definitely think about the layout, and get your headers/footers outta the way so you have less html code to worry about.

          • Pick up 'CSS Cookbook' from O'Reilly, because if I know web designers, especially those that don't know what CSS is, then you are in for some long nights.

          Now, if these web designers are CSS Mavens and kick ass in XHTML then forget all the points I said and you have earned my envy. :)