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    FacesMessages when redirecting to another conversation?

    Tomas Cerny Novice


      I am redirecting from a temporary conversation to an existing long-running one (natural).

      I would like to notify User so I got something like this:

      ConversationEntry ce = ConversationEntries.getInstance()
                      .getConversationEntry(conversationName + ":" + conversationId);
       if (ce != null) { 
          FacesMessages.instance().add(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_INFO,"Conversation already exists");

      but FacesMessages will create an instance relevant to the temporary conversation and not to the long-running conversation.

      Is there a way to switch in another conversation?

      I tried Manager.instance().switchConversation(ce.getId());
      But this will detach jPDL that I use for the conversation?

      I could create an Session object and keep the msg information there, but it seems dirty to me ;D