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    Hibernate 2nd Level Caching and Query Caching

    nlsh nlsh Newbie

      Hi Hibernate community,
      Question is - can I use Hibernate EHCache Qury Cache for following purpose?
      I am evaluating if I should use Hibernate's 2nd level cache, Query Cache with children for a data of 50000 events records in table that is getting added by recent events constantly.

      So, if I cache the events in DB table into Server using Hibernate's above cache, And if I have 50 to max 100 clients accessing these events data. Would such caching be resulting in good response times for clients?

      What are purposes for which hibernate caching can be used?
      My intention is to use it as an alternative of in memory cache/in memory database like hsqlDB. So that clients when query to server would get the pages of data with good response times, and form Hibernate cache.

      I can configure 2nd level cache, and query cache for expiration of 1 minute so that it updates 50K or 100000 events records and servers still gets the records added in last 1 minute.

      Thanks in advance for comments, answers.