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    Getting ServletContext Attributes in Seam 2.03 CR1

    Uwe Müller Newbie

      I use a request scoped Entitymanager I store in the servlet Attributes.

      In version 2.03 CR1 is a Bug that will result in request beeing null when trying:

      ServletContexts servletContexts = ServletContexts.getInstance();
      HttpServletRequest request = servletContexts.getRequest();

      This issue has been fixed in version 2.1.A1

      I don't want to use Version 2.1.A1 because i found out it has Problems to access session scoped variables after processing multipart form requests (upload forms) in IE7 (no Problem in FF2!).

      Is there a different way to get the ServletContext inside of a seam application with version 2.03?

      Thank you in advance!