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    SEAM 2.1.0 - timeframe?

    Jeremy Fox Newbie


      I've been working with SEAM quite a bit over the last few weeks, and it looks like we are going to be using it for a project here at work.

      With that being said, I have a question about when some features are going to be in a mainstream release, or at least something a little more stable than an alpha.

      I looked at Shane's updated security additions in the current 2.1 alpha, and that looks like what we would really like to have for our application.  With that being said though, is there any kind of estimate as to when the new security features are going to be a in more stable build?  (I am not expecting an exact date...I don't have a crystal ball that sees the future, and I don't expect anyone else to either.  :)  A reasonable estimate would be helpful though.  )

      I'd really like to make the decision about what security implementation we are going to move forward with...it's looking like it's either the new SEAM security, or Josso right now.

      Thanks for any guidance,