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    Seam Mail Configuration for Tomcat

    Edem Morny Novice


      I'm just about to deploy to production an application built on Seam 2.0.GA for Tomcat 5.5 . However, I'm not familiar with setting up a mail session that will accessible in my web application for sending email to clients.

      Can anyone give me some guidelines on what I need to specify in the components.xml.In the Seam Reference Guide i can only see

      <mail:mail-session host="smtp.example.com"/>

      but I feel that is not all i have to do to get mail working in tomcat.

      Please waiting for some help. Will be very grateful.

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          System Administrator Expert

          try it out following this info from the Seam ref pdf:

          18.3. Configuration
          To include Email support in your application, include jboss-seam-mail.jar in your WEB-INF/
          lib directory. If you are using JBoss AS there is no further configuration needed to use Seam's
          email support. Otherwise you need to make sure you have the JavaMail API, an implementation
          of the JavaMail API present (the API and impl used in JBoss AS are distributed with seam as
          lib/mail.jar), and a copy of the Java Activation Framework (distributed with Seam as lib/

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            Lelo Pieri Newbie

            Hi All,

            I'm trying to send mail with Seam 2.2.0 GA and Tomcat 6 (Java 6) but it is not working. I'm also using Maven, so I've added


            I've tested with and without javax.activation, becouse I've understood that in Java 6 it isn't necessary.

            Does anybody have any idea?

            Thanks for all.