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    Issues with messages.properties when I go one step deep

    Ravi Kumar Newbie

      I am working on seam. I have a user creation page. In this page i want to use messages.properties to display the labels. I am able to use the properties file with out any problem by using simple labels. When i go one step deep it is throwing an exception showing an exception


      . For example in my properties file i have
      userName = User Name

      . I can use this property to display the userName label as

      But if i have
      user.usrName = User Name

      in the properties file how can i user this to diplay the User Name label. It is not working with

      as it is throwing the above mentioned exception.

      Thanks in advance

      The code:


      <h:outputLabel for="userName" value="#{messages.user.userName}"></h:outputLabel>
      user.userName=User Name