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    Setting a property via components.xml

    Christian Blumenroehr Newbie


      I have a Seam component that should be initialized during startup:

      public class HDcomPropertiesLoader {
       private String configDir;

      The value for the configDir property is environment specific and is therefore externalized and set in components.xml:

      <component name="hdcomPropertiesLoader">
         <property name="configDir">aCertainPath

      I want now to read in some properties files during startup. Therefore I have added a corresponding functionality in the constructor of the class. The problem is however that Seam calls the setter for configDir after the constructor so I cannot set the path before. As a workaround I put now the functionality in the setter instead of the constructor, but that seems of course weired to me.

      Is there a reason why this order is in place or is it a bug?