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    SEAM JBPM: Start Actions in a Task


      Hi all!

      I have modeled (jbpm jdpl tool) a simple process with tasks.
      One of these tasks have an action. I can start the action by assigning a simple class like: org.jbpm.test.ClassName.

      <event type="task-start">
              <action name="Name of Action" class="com.jbpm.websale.ClassName"></action>

      This way it is working fine. But can I use EL like this: {className}

      I tried it and it is not working this way but maybe there is another possibility to do it?

      Thank you in advance.

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          This does not work. Another possibility would be to create a basic actionhandler that takes a classname as a parameter and instantiates it via reflection.

          But... a better way would be to file a jira issue at jBPM for this requirement and implement it... if you look at the source of jBPM it is not that difficult to 'wrap' the class attribute into an EL resolver. Look at the duedate in timers or the processname in the subprocess...