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    Rich dataTable structure (ability)

    Ivanov Ivan Newbie

      Hi everybody.
      I have a question about dataTable component abilities.
      I need to create a complex enough table, but I can't find an appropriate dataTable structure to do that.
      So, the table structure is the following:

      Country --- City --- Street --Population

      USA --------------  NY  --------- \#9 ----------  1000

      ------------------------------- \#10 ---------- 500

      ---------------- Total for NY ----------  1500

      ------------------ SF --------- Av1 ----------- 100

      ------------------------------- Av2 ------------500         

      ---------------- Total for SF ----------- 600

      Total for USA --------------------------------- 2100

      Canada   ---------



      Total for Canada ------------------------------- ...

      Please don't pay attention on hyphens.

      I have an implemented business model for the table structure that represents a tree of beans. There is a list of CountryBean object, that contains a list of CityBean that contains a list of StreetBean.

      I tried to use dataTable in a different ways, but without any success. So now I'm not sure that dataTable is able to construct something like that.

      I would very appreciate if someone could tell me is it possible to implement such a table by using of dataTable tag and provide me possible structure of the mentioned table?