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    Recovery from a botched promotion

    Dan Allen Master

      For those of you who were at Jazoon 08, you may have noticed that there was no way to actually apply the 35% off promotion for Seam in Action that the fliers promised. Someone obviously sent the wrong document to the printer. Duh!

      As a measure of damage control, I am extending the promotion to everyone for a limited time. Given that I have no control over the Manning website, I'm not sure how long a limited time actually is, so don't delay!

      For those of you eager to find out the status of the book, you will be happy to know that it is mid-way through proofreading and I should be done in the next two weeks with my tasks. If things go well (do your superstitious gesture of choice) the ebook should be ready for download on Aug 15 and the print book by the end of that month. I will admit that I wanted to be done sooner. Somethings are just better aged I guess.