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    Charts not showing in IE and red:ish in firefox3

    Mikael Andersson Master


      I just tested the charting features in seam and ran into some problems.

      1. In FF3 the charts look red, played around with color related attributes but no luck.

      2. When viewing the page in IE I get the X image indicating that the image can not be loaded.

      This is the example I'm displaying in a xhtml page:

                              <f:facet name="header">Line chart</f:facet>
                              <p:linechart width="400" height="300" title="UP_45"
                                      <p:series key="partsrcvd">
                                              <p:data columnKey="0" key="abcdefg" value="0" />
                                              <p:data columnKey="1" key="hijklm" value="1" />
                                              <p:data columnKey="2" key="nopqrstuvwx" value="20" />
                                              <p:data columnKey="3" key="33" value="30" />
                              <f:facet name="header">Bar chart</f:facet>
                                              title="Bar Chart" 
                                      <p:series key="data1">
                                              <p:data key="Joe" value="100" />
                                              <p:data key="Bob" value="120" />
                                      <p:series key="data2">
                                              <p:data key="Joe" value="125" />
                                              <p:data key="Bob" value="115" />

      Any ideas?

      - Micke