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    TaskList question

    Vinicius Carvalho Newbie

      Hello there! My app runs on Seam 2.1.0.A1.
      I have two beans that participate on a small process, both are conversational and the first one is executed by one actor which initiates the process:

          public void save() throws CacheException{
              pageId = page.getId();
              pageName = page.getName();
              page = new Page();

      When this gets executed an instance of the process is created, also a task instance is also created for the process.

      So I logout and log with the actor assigned to see this task.

      But, when I try to get the tasklist for this user either by using the taskInstanceListForType or by accessing the jbpmContext inside my bean and explicitly calling jbpmContext.getTaskList(actor.getId()), I do not get any return value.

      What am I missing here?