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    Moved successfully from JBoss Embedded to OpenEJB Embedded

    johan micoud Newbie

      I was one of the first early adopter of JBoss Embedded and all JBoss 5.X stack. But now enough is enough.

      Nobody seems to care at JBoss about JB-Embedded users. I lead a big project using EJB 3 and I made Beta 2 -> Beta 3 -> CR1 upgrade every month.
      The situation is no more acceptable, my developers use JBoss embedded 2 and the integration version with is 5.0.0 CR1 has a lot of regressions (one of the biggest is this one that is a showstopper for me : http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=140070 (jira posted, no response since a while)

      That's why I have switched to OpenEJB. I will probably post a blog on the procedure. OpenEJB Embedded starts in 5 seconds, works perfectly in dev mode and I didn't have to modify one line of code except the JNDIServiceLocator witch uses lookup(Impl+Remote).

      I will wait for JBoss Release if I haven't moved to Glassfish V3