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    Seam Maven Archetypes

    Florian Motlik Newbie

      Because the Maven Archetype from SoftEU sucks (using their repository, too fixed, doesn't use entered group and artifactId's, ...) I've started creating a Seam Archetype. At
      I have put my recent work. I also want to extend the Archetypes to RESTEasy, but that's another story. The Archetype is modeled after these three articles:
      Michael Yuan ,

      Right now I've shamelessly ripped of the helloWorld from the Seam examples, but I will change that to something little bit more interesting.

      Subversion is at: http://svn.assembla.com/svn/mvnarchetypes/code/seam-archetype/

      You can easily make a checkout and install it to your local repository. I haven't had any time to completely write down the steps to have use the archetype (which are fairly minimal), but with archetype:generate it should be very easy. I will deploy it to assembla and write some documentation for it this weekend. Maybe some of you find it interresting and can give me som hints to make it better.