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    X-Y clickable s:graphicimage server side image map

    Martin S Newbie
      Hi, I would like to dynamically generate an image that can be clicked to send the x-y coordinates to a conversation-scoped Stateful Session Bean. Generating the image and displaying it is very straightforward with s:graphicimage. However, very little is documented about how to communicate clicks with coordinates back to the SFSB: the ismap property has to be set to true, and some docs mention that the s:graphicimage has to be used with a <a> tag.

      I have no idea how to go any further. For now, I am using some messy Javascript, but that gets e further entangled in kludges.

      Has anybody had success with server side Seam image maps? Or knows another trick to get single-pixel resolution clicks communicated back to the right conversation-scoped SFSB?

      Cheers, Martin.