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    Registration kills the conversation

    Tony Herstell Master

      Ok, I raised this a long time ago and with each new release of Seam it was not fixed/answered.

      I let the user play with the on-line resource booking page (this is not trivial and uses stacks of ajax on 1 page!!!). When they finally have set up their booking (could be a compelte multi-day course and taked a while) and then try to commit the booking then I get Seam to automagically do the login challenge (needed to get to the next page - you knwo what I mean).

      If they just need to log in; then that works fine, and they get through to login page and back to the commit page as expected... However! if they are on the login page and need to register then I have provided a ::Register:: button and they use that to jump into a new conversation to regsiter; this is a standard, non-ajax, multi page process.

      At the end of the registration process (@End - supprise there!) then I have automatically logged them in) HOWEVER they DONT go back to the commit page (so effectively the login re-direct has broken).

      Why does the Seam code not detect a login and check if there is still a login challange re-direct outstanding and pop the user to the page that was pending... or perpahs it does but something in my code is killing off the required return somehow.

      Please advise.