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    Is my conversationId correct ?

    Franco Fernandes Novice
      I thought I had my first complete use case in Seam working.

      But looking at my conversationId on my debug page led to some doubts.

      In my edit.page.xml I have

      `   <begin-conversation join="true"/>
         <description>Edit Burst: #{burstHome.instance.burstName}</description>
         <action execute="#{burstHome.wire}"/>
         <param name="burstFrom"/>
         <param name="burstBurstId" value="#{burstHome.burstBurstId}"/>
         <param name="userFrom"/>
         <param name="userUserId" value="#{userHome.userUserId}"/>

         <navigation from-action="#{burstHome.persist}">
             <redirect view-id="/BurstList.xhtml"/>
         <navigation from-action="#{burstHome.update}">
             <redirect view-id="/BurstList.xhtml"/>
         <navigation from-action="#{burstHome.remove}">
             <redirect view-id="/BurstList.xhtml"/>

      So I join a long-running conversation when I get to my edit page and end the conversation on my way back to list page.

      This is what I see in my execution


      But when I look at the debug page

      my conversationid is 27 - *I was expecting it to be 26 am I wrong ?*

      Every time I get to the edit page, the conversationId in the URL does not match that in the URL of the edit page. The conversationId is usually 1 or 2 higher.

      My code does work as expected, but this is confusing to me.

      Thanks in advance for any responses.