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    Question about SeamBay

    some one Newbie

      In the SeamBay (Seam 2.0.2.CR1) example, in the header.xhtml file (which is referenced from within the home.xhtml file) on line 39 there is an s link and the value for that element (tag) is register. The docs say that the value attribute is the JSF view id to link to. My question is (and within the context of the SeamBay example, is this referring to the view-id for the page element in the pages.xml file (line 125) of the example?

      I guess what I'm asking is, is register a shorthand way of actually specifying ./register.xhtml?

      Many thanks for any help.

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          some one Newbie

          Sorry, what I should have also asked was in the pages.xml file (for the SeamBay example), the navigation element has this:

          <navigation from-action="#{register.start}">
            <redirect view-id="/register.xhtml"/>

          The from-action attribute has reference to an EL expression register.start. Is register.start a standard method/property just like Seam's identity component with login/username/password/loggedIn ?

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            Rene Felgenträger Newbie

            Without knowing the SeamBay-Example I would conclude that register.start has to be resolved to:

            1) a session bean or Seam - Pojo with the Annotation @Name(register)

            2) start is a public method of this session bean or Seam-Pojo

            Therefore register is NOT a shorthand way of actually specifying ./render.xhtml