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    Netbeans(Glassfish v2) EjbSynchronizations not bound

    Markus - Newbie
      The directory deployment feature of glassfish v2 currently not works correctly if the jboss-seam.jar is as a "ebj-module" included in "application.xml", e.g.: <module>jboss-seam.jar</module>.

      Is there a workaround to use seam-transactions (<transaction:ejb-transaction/> defined in components.xml)?

      I can disable the directory deployment on glassfish, but then the development-time increases much, for every change on a file the whole ear must be generated and deployed.

      Maybe there is a seam-setting where i don't need to put the <module>jboss-seam.jar</module> declaration in the application.xml?

      Thanks in advance,