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    Image map with s:graphicImage

    Martin S Newbie
      Hi, has anybody figured out how to make dynamic server side image maps the Seam way (with s:graphicImage)? Generating the image and displaying it is easy, but how do I catch the X and Y coordinates on the server and use the same event to update the image? I know ismap has to be set to "true", and s:graphicImage has to be surrounded by <a></a>.That will append ?x,y to the url. And if you use s:link to get the <a></a>, you'll get something ending in ?cid=66?22,33 (not for instance ?cid=66&xy=22,33). How I am supposed to route this back to the right image generating conversation-scoped stateful session bean with , I don't know.

      Or maybe I am completely on the wrong track. A client side map won't do because I really do need the x and y values and transferring a client side map of a few megabytes is not an option.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Leandro Silva Ferreira Newbie

          Hi Martin!

          In my work, I need to do the same thing you describe above, and I have no ideia how can I do it.

          Do you solve your problem? Can you help me somehow?

          I´am using the s:grapicImage to show de image from database using a byte array and works fine.

          But I don´t know how can I display the server side maps for this image, and how can I dynamically mapping the coordinates.