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    selectitems: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Id and clazz must not be null

    Henrik Midell Newbie

      I'm quite a beginner in seam, with the following problem.

      I have a jsf page showing a list of selectmanylistbox. The items are rss-articles received from a number of rss sources.
      My wish is to let the user select some of these articles, and then they should be saved to the database.
      The problem is that I have not yet persisted all the articles before showing them in the page, why I get the IllegalArgumentException, since the id is null.
      Do I have to persist all the articles before handling them in the jsf page?

      Here are my code:


      <h:selectManyListbox id="articles" value="#{articleController.selectedArticles}" rendered="#{articleController.selectedRssSources != null}" size="10" style="width:300px;">
                               <f:selectItems value="#{articleController.rssArticles}"/>


      public List<SelectItem> getRssArticles() throws BusinessException {
           List<SelectItem> allArticles = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
              for(RssSource rssSource : selectedRssSources) {
                  logger.debug("Selected rsssource: " + rssSource.getRssName() + ", id: " + rssSource.getId());
                  List<Article> articleList = articleService.getNewArticles(rssSource);
              return allArticles;