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    About ConversationIdGenerator

    Diego Coronel Apprentice


      I just wanna know if its secure create my own ConversationIdGenerator, my system will have almost 40 simultaneous users, and i think a unique generator id is really weird because its beeing so high....

      can anyone comment about my generator ? if is there any problem, pls.

      public class IDoctorConversationIdGenerator extends ConversationIdGenerator {
          private AtomicInteger uniqueIDoctorId = new AtomicInteger(0);
          public String getNextId() {
              //TODO: this is not cluster safe ?
              return Integer.toString(uniqueIDoctorId.incrementAndGet());
          public static ConversationIdGenerator instance() {
               IDoctorConversationIdGenerator instance = 
                  (IDoctorConversationIdGenerator) Component.getInstance("org.jboss.seam.core.ConversationIdGenerator");
              return (instance!=null) ? instance : new IDoctorConversationIdGenerator();

      I did a session id generator, and im using


      because the seam default generator does not any injection, or seam generator does not have bypass because any other problem ?

      Sry about english, waiting all possible suggestions, ty !!! ;)