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    turn debug component on-off based on system property

    Dean Hiller Expert

      Currently, I have the debug set to true in my components.xml file and during development builds, the debug jar is included, and during production builds via our autobuild system, it is not, BUT unfortunately, it is not smart enough to detect that jar is not there and not start the debug component(though I wish it kind of was).

      So my question is if there is a way to get rid of that line in components.xml file and start the debug component myself based on a system property(we happen to have one set build is developer).  this way, it is all automated.  I would rather not do something fancy like maintaining two component.xml files or maintaining two web.xml files.  It think that is an ugly solution and I have to change two files for each change I make.  I remmeber in the manuals, that these are just normal components as well, but can't quite figure it out on this debug one where I would put the code to do something like this.

      damn parsing errors(just because I had an equals sign....can't they get rid of that annoying part of these forums.