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    Secure direct access to pageflow pages if no conversation is started

    Canny Duck Newbie


      lets look at a snippet of the newUser pageflow definition of the DVD store example.

          <start-state name="start">
              <transition to="account"/>
          <page name="account" view-id="/newuser/account.xhtml">
              <transition name="next" to="checkPassword" />
          <decision name="checkPassword" expression="#{editCustomer.validNamePassword}">
              <transition name="true" to="contact"/>
              <transition name="false" to="account">
                  <!-- <action name="#{editCustomer.warnPassword}" /> action is never triggered -->
          <page name="contact" view-id="/newuser/contact.xhtml"
              <transition name="prev" to="account"/>
              <transition name="next" to="card"/>

      It is possible to access the contact view directly via URL, if there is no conversation started. So I can jump in the middle of a conversation, nor there is an acitve conversation.
      Is there a way to prevent that?

      Best regards