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    Possible bug in clustered environment?

    Nikolay Elenkov Master

      We have a Seam app deployed to a two node JBoss cluster.
      During our failover testing, we noticed the following problem.
      Since three seem not be any related issues in JIRA, I report it here first.

      1. two nodes (node1, node2)
      2. load balancing/failover by Apache with mod_jk
      3. sticky sessions
      4. session replication confirmed to work for http session and SFSB (by JBoss trace log)
      5. shared database

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. login to app, go to same page backed by a SFSB, start new conversation
      2. enter some data (saved in SFSB fields)
      3. stop JBoss on node1 gracefully (shutdown.sh)
      4. click submit
      5. NoSuchEJBException: "Could not find stateful bean: 4sv1g5o-jqzric-fhyhsk09-1-fhyhunhd-9"

      It seems that SeamListener.sessionDestroyed calls ServletLifecycle.endSession,
      which in turn destroys all conversations and calls the @Destroy method on SFSB's.
      So even though session is properly replicated you get no failover.

      The next request, creates a new SFSB/conversation and it works as expected from there.
      Note that if I kill -s 9 JBoss, SFSB's are not removed and failover works as expected.