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    Project Organization vs Navigation: Logical vs Physical Folders

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master


      I have around 50 entities in a project, and around 150 .xhtml pages (with their respective .pages.xml) in that same project, the pages in this project could be organized by their central entity and separated in to folders, that way I could have around 50 folders each one with the 3 .xhtml and the 3 .page.xml

      My problem is navigation... how can I configure links so that they work regardless of my project structure? In other words, I want logical and not physical links, I want to be able to say: link to X and I want that link to work if X is inside of outside a folder, folders are there to make me easier to handle my project source code, not to affect the navigation of my project.

      Is it possible to that?

      And... if it is not possible to do that with Seam navigation rules... is it possible to do it at the eclipse level? (some kind of eclipse logical folders just to organize stuff in the project explorer even  if it is all mixed in the same folder physically?)

      How do you guys typically deal with this? (Specially with a large number of .xhtml files)