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    Scope and Performance

    Diego Coronel Apprentice

      Hi, my system has about 100 users simultaneous and i need help about better scope for performance. Im using facade pattern for all business roles and i wanna know if someone can help me. All my facades are seam components with Application scope and my DAOs injected in facade are Event scope, is this ok ? Any suggestion ? If i make my facades SLSB what seam scope they should have ?

      Ty, appreciate any suggestion.

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          Marcell Newbie

          hi Diego,

          SLSB can only be in SL scope. When you make your facade a application scope component you have to use @Synchronized to have injection working with multiple clients. This configuration creates a bottleneck in this beans. The same applies with Session scoped components if you have pull ajax requests.

          The recommendation is to have facades as SLSB. That scale better but my personal choice is to have a SFSB Controller backed by SLSB faces/repositories/daos. This way the SFSB will alleviate your DB was some list/beans/VOs would not need to be searched every time.

          Hope it helps.