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    Annotation @Column(unique=true) does not prevent duplicate insertions

    Phil Haigh Novice

      I have a simple model class:

      @Table(name = "destinations")
      public class Destination implements Serializable
              private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
              private Long id;
              @Length (max=75)
              private String title;
              @Length (max=500)
              private String description;
              @Length (max=1000)
              private String keywords;
              @Length (max=100)
              @Column (name="name",unique=true)       
              private String name;

      I expected this would prevent persistance of destinations with duplicate names.. however, the application still allows me to add as many destinations with the same name as I like.

      How can I use the @Column(unique=true) annotation to enforce this?