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    Seam without JSF?

    Pradeep Singh Newbie

      I am sorry but I just can't help asking. Is it possible? Can I use  Seam with plain html/jsp and servlet model?

      Don't get me wrong, I really like the stateful server side model. The thing is, I am sick and tired of RichFaces. RichFaces just can't deliver a proper datatable. A datatable with 20 rows makes 20 calls to the server side. And I am not interested in debugging somebody else's code. Secondly, there's whole bunch of javascript conflict going on when I use Seam and RichFaces together. Although I started out being impressed with the JSF component model the easy road of using RichFaces has turned out to be tricky.

      There's just a lot of good dtuff that is possible with dojo/scriptaculous. I am just not prepared to lose any of the visuals that these libraries provide. Now, I may have to start writing my own components, but if I abandon JSF it all becomes so easy.

      Is there any other feasible way to use Dojo/DWR/Hibernate without abandoning RichFaces/Seam?