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    entityManager as argument?

    tomek szzzaaos Newbie


      I'm trying to follow the dvd example, but in the search updateResults() I need to do few more things to calculate prices.

      so I have:

      public class SearchAction implements Search, Serializable{
         @Begin(join = true)
         public String doSearch(){
         public void updateResults() {
            if(this.customer!=null) {
            for(Stock stock : resultList) {
                StockPrice price = new StockPrice(stock, this.customer, new BigDecimal(1));
                price.get(this.entityManager); //get method uses at least few times entityManager to do query to db

      StockPrice.get method heavily uses the entityManager, but sometimes I'm getting:

      org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: could not initialize proxy - no Session

      the question is can I pass as argument entityManager?

      Sorry for so stupid question.


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          Adrien Orsier Newbie

          How do you declare your EntityManager? The error might occur because you're not using the Seam Managed Persistence Context (also refered as SMPC).
          To have a SMPC, you need to do something like
          EntityManager entityManagerName
          Where entityManagerName is declared in WEB-INF/component.xml like that


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            tomek szzzaaos Newbie

            in components.xml I have:

            <persistence:managed-persistence-context name="entityManager"

            Anyway just found my problem, I have created instance of Contact class in an authenticate method,

            public class Contact{
                    @ManyToOne(cascade=CascadeType.ALL, fetch=FetchType.LAZY)
                    @JoinColumn(name="customer_code", referencedColumnName="code", nullable=false)
                    private Customer customer;

            and used @Out annotation to be able use it later:

                @Out(required=false, scope = ScopeType.SESSION)
                private Contact contact;

            but then when I try to call method doSearch:


               public String doSearch

            and use in it:


            contact.getCustomer().getPriceLists(); //the price lists are fetched using the LAZY mode

            I'm getting the error above. Could you suggest what would be the best approach?
            - start the long running conversation in the authenticate method?
            - or start it on doSearch() and reselect Contact from db?

            Thanks for your time, and sorry for my English.


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              Jacob Orshalick Apprentice

              You could always merge the Contact into the SMPC when doSearch is invoked:

              contact = entityManager.merge(contact);

              or take a look at this alternative.

              Hope it helps.

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                tomek szzzaaos Newbie

                Great, I tried first solution for now and it works!