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    Natural Nested Conversations

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Your JIRA is currently down so I am posting it here for now

      Natural Nested Conversation

      I have chosen the harder way in my application.
      I have figured out that this combination does not work well now.

      The biggest problem I got into is when I end my root conversation, it does not close the children.


      • root conversation id = contest:2

      • child conversation id = exam:82

      when I call root conversation end() it closes contest:2 conversation

      then there is new conversation open with identifier eg 19

      and at this context is called


      well this tries to remove the child conversation, but the problem is that this would work from conversation contest:2 context,
      but it does not work from conversation 19 context


      if(getConversationNestedChildren().size() > 0) {

      this fortunately uses the context of conversation contest:2. Even thought that the conversation is already ended and redirect is solved by pages.xml



      Other problems

      Redirects to natural conversation sometimes causes Exception conversation name already in use.
      It seems that I cannot programmaticaly  close root conversation and redirect to another (new) one. Because its children will get orphans!

      I think (I am sure you will be arguing) that the current life-cycle for natural nested conversation is wrong.
      The removal of children should happen immediately when parent is removed.