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    Seam with jBPM 3.2.3

    Jakub Naruszewicz Newbie


      I have got problems with seam with jBPM configuration.

      Could anyone tell me what and where should I add to project to build simple project in seam?

      I was trying to create Seam Web App using Eclipse with JBoss Tools, but when I try to add workflow, hibernate.cfg and other changes, I can't deploy project correctly. I think that there are small configuration differences in configuration working with seam 2.0 and jbpm 3.2.3 - I was trying do something similar like in Seam Books (for example like in Apress - Beginning JBoss Seam, Practice Hall - JBoss Seam) - but it doesn't work... ;/

      Could anyone post small tutorial? What should I do in steps to run small example correctly?

      Thanks and regards
      Jakub Naruszewicz