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    Annotation @Observer and latest possible event

      I have a method that is triggered using the @Oberver annotation and the org.jboss.seam.postInitialization event:

              public void scheduleNexusTasks()

      The problem with doing this is that I cannot do a lookup value stored in the jboss JNDIBindingServiceMgr in my jboss-service.xml file. When I do this:

                             //InitialContext initctx = new InitialContext();
                              //String namingserviceURL=(String) initctx.lookup("mydefault/namingserviceurl");

      I get the 'mydefault is not bound' error. I assume that this seam post initialization is happening too early to do this kind of lookup. Is there some other event that I can use with the @Oberver annotation that would happen late enough for the lookup above to work?