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    How to use a seam component in an other one?

    Mike Kuul Newbie

      Hi guys!

      I know that this a newbie question but I just can't make it work after reading and trying all day.
      I want to use a simple component in an other one.
      First I have this class:

      public class ProcessManager implements ProcessManagerInterface{
                public void dosth(){
                     System.out.println("=====Hello World=====");

      Then I have this interface:
      public interface ProcessManagerInterface {  
           public void dosth();     

      Finally I have this test class:
      public class Test {
           ProcessManagerInterface processManager;
           public void dosth() {

      So, I restarted my server I tried to execute {testing.dosth()} but I always get a null pointer exception.
      Please, tell me how can I use my ProcessManager Component in an other component?

      Thanks in advance.