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    Which iText version for jboss-seam-pdf.jar 2.0.1.GA ?

    Anthony Ogier Newbie


      We've tried to generate pdfs with seam following http://docs.jboss.com/seam/2.0.1.GA/reference/en/html/itext.html .
      The problem is that in that document it says :

      To include PDF support in your application, included jboss-seam-pdf.jar in your WEB-INF/lib directory along with the iText JAR file.

      OK... but which version ?!

      Because the API of iText is changing often depending the versions ... and we've found some NoSuchMethodException using for exemple landscape generation with iText 2.1.2... but there was other problems like iText 1.5.4 which don't have the method getRectangle ...

      Does anybody got an idea ?