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    Strange behavior

    Ignas Lelys Newbie

      Recently i expierenced pretty stange behavior when trying to set request parameter in controller through pages.xml. As i understand when i add line like this:

      <param name="itemId" value="#{itemAction.itemId}"/>

      itemId setter is invoked before any action, but when i debug i clearly see that getters from jsf el are invoket before setter of request parameter, which causes that my item is null at that time. When i switched to @RequestParameter everything is working fine.
      Another problem is that i have a method like this:

      public String find() {
          this.itemsFound = searchService.search(searchPattern,(getPage() - 1));
          this.numberOfItems = itemsFound.size();
          return "/search.jspx";

      which sets search results to default conversation scope (jus @name annotation) seam component and then shows those results in search.jspx. As i understand from documentation in such situation itemsFound and numberOfItems field values should be kept until search.jspx is fully rendered, but again as i debug i see values set properly, but when getter is invoket those fields are nulls.
      I did some heavy refactoring, updated some libraries. I run on java 6, seam 2.0.2 SP1, jsf if i remember corectly 1.208. Im trying it on jetty with maven jetty plugin. I think there were no such issues before refactoring.
      Maybe someone can clear me up a little bit if i understand something wrong, or what a problems could possibly be?