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    Is the wiki core stable-usable?

    Courtney Couch Newbie

      I dont mean to cross post but I believe I accidentally posted in a closed forum.  I just realized the wiki forum is not visible on here.  I found it from the search and didn't realize it wasn't publicly available.

      In any case..

      On the wiki.

      I know this thing isn't even Alpha, and I'm sure its got plenty of bugs...

      I'm more curious as to the general feeling the developers for the wiki currently have towards it. I have a project which would be taken 50% of the way to completion by using the wiki as a starting point and spending a few weeks fixing minor problems in the core isnt a big deal.

      The couple things I'm curious about is how functional is the plugin system? Are there any major caveats that you guys are currently wrestling with?

      If I dont need/use the existing plugin code and opt to write my own plugins is the core fairly stable?

      I really just intend on using the core, writing new plugins, creating a new theme, and skin.. I simply really like the way the core is designed (I was in the middle of mapping out how to solve problems already solved in the core like the clever preferences management) and I'm hoping there aren't too many problems with it..

      Oh yeah, I did check jira but it didn't really convey what I was trying to find out. Doesnt seem to be many bugs listed, but that doesnt mean much.

      The statements from another post (albeit from months ago): Well, let's just say it works for us because I currently monitor it 24/7 and fix things quickly as they come up.

      and: I should add that this software is still in alpha stage, the privilege management system basically does not exist and the plugin system is in its early stages. Although conceptually, these things are getting clearer.

      I'm crossing my fingers that the 4 months since those comments that its made substantial improvements in the core.