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    Screwed up Seam-JSF  input does not reach application

    kaboel kramer Newbie

      I'm sure I did something stupid, but can not figure out what.

      Using seam 2.02sp1
      mixed  richfaces and jsf, tag defintions

      All JSF   forms seem to work, except  the fields are not updated in my seam bean (no error messages)
      most seam to work  but never reaching the application seam bean

      -Convertors    GetAsString called and returened successfull
                     GetAsObject called and returned successfull (content is ok)
      I seem to have a problem here  since I can not instantiATE the test validator (noop)
        using no validdators it does not work either
        using validators I seem not to be able to get them to fail eihther
        facesMessages.add(    do not work either  (action routines are called )
      -setter        The setters (neededed for update are never called/are correctly defined in in INTERFACE file)
                      getters are called  correctly

      does anyone have an idea where to look next

      is there any setting  I might have scewed up  ???