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    Post login, OK-200 returned instead of 302 redirect

    Fijai Cairo Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm having an odd intermittent problem with seam login. In a significant number of cases, rather than sending a 302 redirect to the browser after a login, the server sends an OK 200 status which results in the user being stuck at the login page.
      All logs indicate that the login was actually successful behind the scenes though. The user can actually get to the parts of the application that required authentication if they navigate manually.

      When a user puts in wrong credentials and are supposed to be redirected and shown the appropriate error message, they get the login page with no error message.

      At the moment, the only way to clear this issue is to restart the server. We are using seam 2.0.1 GA on jboss 4.3 EAP.