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    validation erases url params???

    Dean Hiller Expert

      Once the user chooses a company, the company alias needs to follow him around in the url(as I am rewriting the url so state in session is not an option).  Therefore, I need
      for many pages.  I added the
      <param name="alias" required="true"/>
      to many pages and all was working pretty nicely UNTIL I wrote a page that required validation.  When I click the add user button to add the user and VALIDATION fails, the url is rewritten WITHOUT the parameter!!!!

      Everything else is great.  right now, I never add params in my links and everything works fine jumping between pages except this part when validation fails. 

      WORKAROUND???  is there a way to prevent validation and do validation myself so I can redirect to the same page BUT with the alias.  That would be a good work around for the time being...

      I gotta have this alias or my url rewriter breaks and I can't get the urls the way our requirements are set out.
      thanks for any help on this!!!