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    mail in seam giving no errors

    Dean Hiller Expert

      very nasty issue so putting it down for others

      search terms maybe
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      3. no exception with seam mail

      Answer, don't forget the jboss-seam-mail.jar.  If you do, it reports that everything succeeded and mail was sent(and it wasn't).  Even if you change host to xxxx or blank, it pretends to send mail.  Spent 2 hours solid pulling my hair out.

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          sandeep jindal Newbie

          Hi Dean,

          Could you please explain this a bit more . I am facing the exact problem. The mail is not being sent (i am providing the non-existent email id) still it does not give me any exception. Please help.

          Best Regards,

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            Dean Hiller Expert

            sure, jboss-seam-mail.jar(or whatever it was called) was not in WEB-INF/lib.  get that in there and then you will at least see exceptions like classnotFound I think as it tries to get the other jars...I don't know why I don't get a classnotfound when my mail jar is not there(weird)....other jars that you need are mail.jar, activation.jar I think too.

            hope that helps a little.

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              Pete Muir Master

              Nonsense. Stop spreading FUD.

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                Dean Hiller Expert

                hmm, does that mean you can't reproduce the issue by removing the jboss-seam-mail.jar....maybe it had something to do with my environment.  I will try to reproduce again sometime.  The only thing I am certain was mail would say mail sent successfully and my host was "".  Once I added jboss-seam-mail.jar, activation.jar and mail.jar, it started working and I got mail send failure(previously no exceptions at all occurred which was bizarre..should at least expect ClassNotFound but that didn't occure...not sure why).  I also had a colleague take a look..we spent about an hour scratching our heads on this one and trying different stuff but with no logs, it made it difficult.

                oh well, hopefully this post helps others out.  mail works great a kicks butt once you get it working!!!