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    Pass Object to a new conversation

    Philipp Straub Newbie


      I have a long-running conversation (id: 1) - a wizard (called W) - working with some objects (called X, Y, Z), which are also part of this conversation. When the wizard is finished, the user should be redirected to a page (using join:true) showing details for Y. So I'd like to end the wizard's conversation (id: 1) and pass object Y to a newly created conversation (id: 2), thus dropping W, X and Z. Is this possible?

      Thanks in advance

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          Daniel Hinojosa Master

          Well I guess you can store Y on the session for id:2 to pick it up, but seems inelegant.  Maybe perhaps a parent conversation, spawning a child conversation for your wizard.  The wizard does it's magic (pun intended) and posts the Y conversation to the parent and then another child conversation is created and takes Y from the parent and does what you need. 

          But now after typing all of this.  I think you will have a more fulfilling solution if you just keep Y at the parent conversation, and have id:2 and id:1 manipulate it, since you cannot change the mapping of Y, you can change it's properties and invoke it's behaviors.

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            Alexander Torstling Newbie

            Hi. I asked the same thing, seems the answer is no, mostly because state is bound to the current thread. I think it would be a useful feature. See Other Thread