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    How to integrate a custom JSF Component in Seam

    Emeric Kwemou Newbie

      i am developping a custom richface component for my application.
      My objective is to create a toolbar by reading Data from a XML Documents.

      For this purpose, i have create 2 class files and a tld document.

      //The First Class file inherit from org.richfaces.component.html.HtmlToolBar

      package org.activeweb.ui;

      //Import some stuff
      import **.**;
      public class AWMenuComp extends HtmlToolBar {
      //... Somme stuff here to read the xml doc and fill the toolbar
           public void encodeBegin(FacesContext fcontext) throws IOException {

      The second class:

      package org.activeweb.ui;
      import org.richfaces.taglib.ToolBarTag;
      public class AWMenuTag extends ToolBarTag {
           public String getComponentType() {
                return "toolBar";

      The Taglib file name is aw.tld

      The Taglib file has been placed in the directory /resources/WEB-INF in my seam project

      A taglib entry has been declared in the web.xml Document. I have also define a new component in face-config

      My problem is:
      The application does not reconyze the create JSF Component, nothing is being rendered, allthought the created files have been
      deployed to the server.

      Can someone give me some hints to solve this issue?

      Thank you in advance