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    Accessing (jaas) secured EJBs from seam components?

    Markus Schulz Newbie

      i have some ejbs usable as webservices with role-based access control via ejb container security methods (ejb-jar.xml descriptor).

      Now i must use these EJBs from an seam-web-application, but the seam-Identity would not be propagated to the ejb-container security. I've found some older postings (old forum) but without a solution.
      How can i manage this? Both are using the same jaas-security-domain but each call results in:

      17:44:58,583 ERROR [RoleBasedAuthorizationInterceptor] Insufficient permissions, principal=null, requiredRoles=[Direktor], principalRoles=[]
      17:44:58,618 ERROR [STDERR] 05.08.2008 17:44:58 com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler handleRenderException
      SCHWERWIEGEND: Error Rendering View[/home.xhtml]