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    How to deploy seam components as Jar and used them in different ear's

    Dheeraj Tak Newbie
      Can i bundle seam components in a separate jar files and deploy this jar files in different ear files?

      Basically I am trying to create different Seam Session Bean components in a jar files and wanted to access these components in different ear applciation.

      I tried to create a EJBProject and created different stateful session beans within it.
      I added jboss-seam.jar in build path so that I can use seam anotation.
      I could compile these

      Now in ear I deployed this jar as a ejb module  by making the following entry in application.xml

      However when I am trying to access the components I am not getting them
      I have used @In annotation to get access to the components.

      I am not sure if this is the correct way to do .

      Is there any other way to achieve this.

      any help would be highly appreciated

      Thanks in Advance