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    wiki LOE for email refactoring

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      BTW, thanks for everyone's help with my Contacts application posted on here recently.  The in-house corporate demo/presentation (3 hrs!) went very well and I even fixed a bug 1 hr before going live.  Then I saw a contactList example Seam app but it was based on the Seam framework (e.g. EntityHome, etc.) which I didn't use.

      Anyways, could someone please give me an approximate LOE (level of effort) on how long it would take to refactor/mod the wiki project such that all posters in a particular thread are emailed, not just the originator of the thread/topic?

      I think I pretty much identified the code/class(es) that accessed the email API, etc.  But I didn't completely understand it all and don't remember it now.  That app is not very easy to understand at first glance, esp. with the Lucene text search API stuff.