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    Seam DB Test ... without a file

    Joseph Nusairat Newbie
      So. I wnat to run a test, it's kind of a load test in essence.

      But basically i want to insert ~3000 records into the DB and see how it runs. Theirs code in there to manage defects etc.

      I obviously have no desire to make a 3000 entry XML file.

      so i was looking at the code.

      The DataSetOperation is an inner non-implementing interface class. So i dont think i can easily extend that out.

      The only thing i could think of was to extend the class and overwrite the end and make a new executeOperations.

      I dont know .... no simple solutions. Any thoughts of making DataSetOperation a bit more robust? like pass a table name to it with a Map of options??

      The only other thought i had (which is what i will do for now) is create the XML via a program. save it... and then have it access that.